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Meet Alexandra King, Education Supervisor


Meet Alexandra King, Education Supervisor

education supervisor

March 1 was Employee Appreciation Day! We are celebrating our team members all month long by sharing their stories. Read more about Alexandra King, Education Supervisor at Aaron School, and her love for seeing students succeed. 


What is your favorite thing about working here? 


My favorite thing about working at Aaron School is the students. I love being with them every day and seeing their energy, silliness, and quirkiness. They never fail to surprise me and do something different every single day and are always showing me their kindness!


What keeps you coming to work each day? 


The hope that I am making a difference in the lives of the students by giving them skills and strategies along with the academic content that we teach them. It’s also the hope that what they learn will shape them in some way, whether today, tomorrow, or five years from now. I can see the ways the students grow and the impact of the work we do here. 


How do you make an impact on students’ lives? 


I hope that myself and all the staff here at Aaron School are working to educate and develop the whole child. While we’re educating them academically, we’re also working to develop those social, emotional, and even behavioral areas so that our approach is also holistic and therapeutic. I’m hopeful that, with the instruction and strategies that we’re giving our students, they’re able to change their lives. Whether it’s learning how to interact with their peers, how to use a coping strategy when dealing with a difficult feeling, or learning other educational skills, our larger impact is on the social-emotional development of the students.


Last year, we rolled out our BetterTogether guiding principles. Which one of our values resonates with you most personally and why? (Integrity, Accountable, Collaborative, Inclusive, Supportive) 


Probably Collaborative. The way we operate here is very collaborative among all our departments. I’m often working with a classroom teacher, the students’ families, any outside providers, or therapy staff. At the classroom level, the team is always coming together to try and brainstorm and generate solutions or strategies that are most beneficial to the students. That is what makes Aaron School so special.


What does a “day in the life” look like for your role? 


It depends on the day, but I often start with meetings, check ins with teachers, discussing lesson plans and what’s going on in the classroom, and any future projects. Then I will go into the classrooms and walk around to do some informal observing of students and staff. I might also stop to help a student problem solve if needed if they are having a tricky moment. I also do a lot of interviews with prospective students, including reading their application paperwork and taking part in the admissions process. 


Can you talk a little bit about your career trajectory and what led you to where you are now? 


I started as a student teacher and was placed here at Aaron School through my grad program. I was an assistant teacher for one year, then a head teacher for 5 or 6 years, and have been in the education supervisor role for the last 5 years.


What has been your proudest moment or accomplishment in your role? 


One of my most satisfying accomplishments was during my second year as supervisor. We had a new student who was very rigid and refused to participate in certain special activities like gym and other fun events. We worked with him and his family to create a plan so that he was eventually participating in all of those subject areas. He then eventually left Aaron School to a less restrictive environment. He was stuck, and we were all very proud of being able to help him develop his flexibility and succeed. 


What is something about you that not many people know? 


I’m an only child.