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In District Placement

In District Placement

Enhancing Opportunities for Student Success in the Public School Setting

In-District Placement (IDP) programs have evolved into an essential element of public school districts, catering to the diverse educational needs of students within the comfort and familiarity of their local schools. New Story provides classroom support through our In District Placement program to students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, behavioral challenges, or emotional disabilities, who require additional support outside of general education classrooms. In partnership with districts, students receive high-quality services within a public-school setting and in the least restrictive environment.

Whether a district opts for IDP individually or collaborates within a consortium, this approach enables districts to deliver high-quality services while optimizing their existing resources. The program offers a cost-effective solution for meeting student needs within the district, with the added advantage of enhancing the capacity of current staff and educational leaders.

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About In-District Placement

The In-District Placement program presents a state-aligned curriculum enriched with therapeutic support services for students with special needs in their local schools. This model allows students to learn alongside their peers while receiving personalized support tailored to their unique requirements. In partnership with the public school district, the district provides classroom space, and our team integrates into the classroom, offering educational and therapeutic services to students with the ultimate goal of reintegrating them into general education environments. We collaborate closely with school administrators and teachers to ensure program continuity for the students. 

IDP Benefits

Academic Achievement and Social-Emotional Development

In-District Placement (IDP) enables students to access grade-level curricula while receiving targeted support within the least restrictive environment. The program fosters academic growth, nurtures peer relationships, and enhances overall educational and behavioral outcomes. Students in IDP classrooms benefit from tiered support, provided by a licensed special education teacher, two support staff members, and a floating Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Students receive academic curriculum, therapeutic support, learn to manage behaviors, and receive the tools they need to be successful in a general education classroom setting. 

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Family Engagement

IDP strengthens the connection between families and their neighborhood schools. It empowers parents and caregivers to actively engage in their child's education, collaborate with educators, and participate in decision-making processes, with the support and guidance of New Story's expertly trained staff. Families can expect consistency in routines and settings, with the assurance that their child or young adult is working toward Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals while gaining critical academic knowledge, social skills, and life skills.

Teacher Support

In District Placement augments the capacity of public school staff, especially those who may lack the necessary resources, knowledge, skills, or capacity to educate and support students with more complex needs and behaviors. The IDP program bridges resource gaps by providing a licensed special education teacher, two support staff members, and a floating BCBA, offering direct and immediate assistance within the school. This support can alleviate feelings of burnout and frustration among staff who may not be fully equipped to serve students with special education needs.

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