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Classroom of students doing individual activities at their desks

Special Education

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Student smiling while working at his desk


New Story offers a nurturing academic setting tailored to students facing challenges in the realms of social, emotional, educational, and behavioral development. Our students collaborate with a multidisciplinary team, ensuring a holistic approach to growth and development.

At New Story, we firmly believe in the uniqueness of each student, particularly in terms of their learning styles. Our teaching methods are intricately aligned with the individualized learning needs of our students. Our schools each follow state guidelines for curriculum and assessment as mandated by the state’s Department of Education.

Our Special Education programs are designed to support students diagnosed with autism, emotional and behavioral challenges, and learning disabilities.

Behavioral and Therapeutic Integration

Our special education schools provide comprehensive behavioral services catering to individuals with autism and emotional support and address the holistic needs of each student through the seamless integration of various approaches, including Applied Behavior Analysis, Multi-Tiered System of Supports, Counseling, Trauma-Informed Approach, and Social-Emotional Learning.

Given the unique nature of each student, careful assessment and collaborative discussion with the IEP team are crucial in determining the most suitable behavioral and therapeutic services to best support the individual student's needs.

Teacher and student smiling at desk

Key components of our unique environments vary from each location but include:

  • Small classroom sizes
  • STEAM labs
  • Interactive lessons, discovery learning
  • Integration of technology into lessons and activities
  • Natural Environment Teaching spaces
  • Multi-sensory environments

We carry out individualized learning through:

  • Individual, small group and whole class instruction
  • Related services integrated into the classroom
  • Instructional scaffolding
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Direct instruction
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Autism Support

Our Autism programs provide curriculum and instruction tailored to the student, and adhering to state educational requirements. Following their specific IEP goals, therapeutic interventions are implemented throughout their academic day and are anchored in ABA Therapy or DIR Therapy, depending on the program location.

Emotional Support

Students enrolled in our Emotional Support programs receive individual, small group, and whole group instruction, all based on a curriculum aligned with educational standards. Furthermore, our curriculum seamlessly integrates Social-Emotional Learning, with teachers and counselors offering instruction within the natural learning environment.

Student smiling in his classroom
Student standing in the transitions lab

Transition Support

Transition assessment and programming play a pivotal role in facilitating a smooth transition from educational placement to adulthood. Many of our students build life and employability skills through our life skills programs. Additionally, students have opportunities for career exploration through simulated environments, internships, and other work-based learning experiences aligned to students' goals. This comprehensive process continues until students graduate or exit the school system.

Additional Support

Within our academic programs, we offer supplementary services such as Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy, seamlessly integrated into the school day as part of our multi-disciplinary team. Our team comprises both in-house therapists and external agency support when necessary. Students may access individual, or group therapy services based on careful observation and formal assessments. Our therapists skillfully combine the conventional pullout therapy model with in-class interventions to enhance natural environment learning. 

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