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Our Services

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Intro About Our Services

New Story provides a robust continuum of services, offering a holistic approach to student and client growth and development. At the center of everything we do is the unique abilities and needs of our students and clients, coupled with a steadfast commitment to providing the essential support necessary for lifelong learning, growth, and goal attainment. Our dedicated team is unwavering in their commitment to enabling each child and young adult to reach their maximum potential. We work with students, clients, and families in a variety of settings meeting them where they are when they need us.

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Our Schools

New Story offers a nurturing academic environment tailored to students facing challenges in the realms of social, emotional, educational, and behavioral development. Our students collaborate with a multidisciplinary team, ensuring an integrated approach to social, emotional, behavioral, and academic development.

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Our Clinics

New Story's ABA Therapy clinics provide tailored and targeted interventions, founded in ABA Therapy. We tackle the most challenging cases that other providers might shy away from. Our team of passionate and qualified experts empowers each individual we support, guiding them toward realizing their fullest potential. 

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In District Services

New Story offers tailored special education, therapeutic services, mental health programs, professional development, and consultation to district partners. Our decades of experience, expert team, and evidence-based practices guarantee customized, high-quality support for staff, students, and communities.

In District Placement

Integration of special education classrooms within the public-school setting, led by New Story team members who provide added capacity, expertise, and comprehensive support within your schools.

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In District Consultation

Personalized and targeted consultative services, including assessment, strategic planning, in-school and in-classroom support designed to bolster the quality of special education services in schools, empower staff with enhanced capacity and knowledge, and contribute to both small and large-scale improvements throughout the district.

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Professional Development

Professionally crafted development programs, available in both ready-made and customized formats, spanning a diverse array of specialist areas. These programs are delivered in-person and virtually, tailored to meet the specific needs of your staff.

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Teacher smiling as student works at her desk

We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't cater to the unique needs of our students, just as it doesn't suit our partners. Our commitment is that our programs are designed to precisely align with the specific requirements of each community we collaborate with.