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Alternative Education

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Alternative Education

At New Story, we pride ourselves in being a transformative learning environment where students are empowered to achieve their fullest potential. Our Alternative Education programs provide tailored academic programming infused with therapeutic support like group and individual counseling, individualized goal setting, and transition support.

Our staff prioritizes fostering meaningful relationships with students, creating an environment of trust. We are committed to guiding our students through their journey, equipping them with the social, emotional, and academic tools they need to build a successful future.

New Story's Alternative Education programs are designed for students with mental illness, anxiety, depression, school avoidance, emotional and social challenges.

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Our schools are staffed with highly qualified and trained counselors who provide personalized attention to students' emotional and social requirements, either on an one-on-one basis or in small group settings. Our School-Based Counseling programs are designed to elevate students' engagement in their educational journey and enhance their overall well-being.

Transition Support

Critical to our programs is preparing our students for their next step. Our teams provide direct instruction on career awareness and work closely with students to make informed decisions about their postsecondary choices, whether that includes college or career.

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Social-Emotional Learning

In many of our schools, we deliver Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) instruction using both structured, evidence-based curricula and by seizing on opportune teachable moments. Social-Emotional Learning instruction is the method by which students learn to comprehend and regulate their emotions, set positive goals, demonstrate empathy towards others, and establish and nurture positive relationships.

Trauma Informed Approach

Trauma-informed care is an approach that redirects our attention from merely identifying concerning behaviors to understanding the underlying reasons behind them. Embracing this approach involves acknowledging the pervasive influence of trauma across all facets of an individual's life and crafting responses to challenging behaviors that prioritize collaborative efforts with the student to uncover the root causes behind their behavior.

Student smiling at the park