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Rebecca School Expands to Westchester, NY


Rebecca School Expands to Westchester, NY

rebecca school expands with logo

Rebecca School is excited to announce its second location in Mount Vernon, New York (Rebecca School North), opening September 2024 for the 2024-2025 school year. Utilizing the DIRFloortime® methodology, Rebecca School in New York City, has an 18-year legacy of providing excellent and high-quality services to students with neurodevelopmental delays, including autism spectrum diagnosis.

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For a deeper dive into DIR Floortime and to hear from Tina McCourt, Program Director, listen to the Curious Incident Podcast: 

NYC, Special Education Attorney, Adam Dayan sits down for an insightful conversation with Tina McCourt, Program Director for Rebecca School. Together they discuss the transformative power of the DIR Floortime model (Developmental, Individual, Relationship-Based Model) in supporting students with neurodevelopmental delays. Tina emphasizes how this approach nurtures collaboration among home, school, and community, enabling ongoing growth and development beyond traditional classroom settings. She also underscores the significance of parents actively engaging, asking questions, and prioritizing the bond with their child throughout their special education journey. Listen on Dayan’s website, Spotify, Apple, or Google